BIOPINCE Ultra Full Core Biopsy Instrument

Manufacturer: Argon Medical Devices, Inc.

Category: Treatment of oncology

  • Proven performance
  • Better quality
  • BioPince needle sequence
  • Maximum length
  • Superior volume


BioPince Ultra Full Core Biopsy Instrument is the next generation of full-core biopsy technology capturing a full-core specimen while reducing the risk of crush artifact and tissue fragmentation. BioPince Ultra leverages the proven performance and clinical excellence associated with the original BioPince delivering outstanding results in a single, refined, ergonomic design.

Proven performance: A peer-reviewed study demonstrates a 16G BioPince full core sample offers up to 58% more glomeruli than a 14G conventional side-notch biopsy instrument.

Better quality: In an independent clinical study of 96 patients comparing 18G BioPince Full Core Biopsy Instrument and 16G Bard Monopty Disposable Core Biopsy Instrument, BioPince achieved:

– 2x more CPTs per specimen on average
– 97.5% diagnostically adequate samples compared to Monopty’s 64%
BioPince needle sequence:

1. The stylet is positioned proximal to the lesion and does not move forward.
2. Once instrument is actuated, the inner coring cannula advances forward, surrounding the tissue.
3. The outer cannula with pincer advances to cut the distal specimen portion and captures it within the cannula.
Maximum length: Biopince Ultra offers the longest throw length available, resulting in a greater sample volumeSuperior volume: In a head-to-head test at maximum throw lengths, BioPince Ultra offers 32% greater volume than Competitor A



BioPince Ultra Full Core Biopsy Device (Box of 5)
16G 370-1080-02 16G x 10cm MCXS1610BP or MCXS1610BPU
370-1580-02 16G x 15cm MCXS1615BP or MCXS1615BPU
18G 360-1080-02 18G x 10cm MCXS1810BP or MCXS1810BPU
360-1580-02 18G x 15cm MCXS1815BP or MCXS1815BPU
360-2080-02 18G x 20cm MCXS1820BP or MCXS1820BPU
BioPince Ultra Full Core Biopsy Device with Co-axial Introducer Needle (Box of 5)
16G 370-1080-03 16G x 10cm 14G x 6.8cm
370-1580-03 16G x 15cm 14G x 11.8cm
18G 360-1080-03 18G x 10cm 17G x 6.8cm
360-1580-03 18G x 15cm 17G x 11.8cm
360-2080-03 18G x 20cm 17G x 16.8cm